Celebrity Chef Jacques Pepin's Wife Gloria Questioned Her Husband's Sexuality When They Met: "I Wasn't Sure Whether He Was Straight"

August 27, 2019

The name Jacques Pepin is not foreign to our TVshows. He is a famous French-American Chef, TV personality, and author.

He has written a wide range of cookbooks that have become best sellers. Pepin gained his love for food from his parents' restaurant.

He has received numerous awards for his exemplary culinary skills.

Away from the world of cooking, Jacques is happily married to Gloria for a whopping 53 years, but their love story is a spectacular one!

How they met

Gloria Pepin in an interview, said she had met her husband on the ski ropes.

She was a ski patrol, and he was a student. He looked super handsome, and she wanted to get to know him. However, she wasn't sure of his sexuality.

She said:

"I wasn't sure whether he was straight or gay because he was so good looking."

She had questioned his sexual orientation, but spending time with him removed any traces of fear she had.

The happy couple has been married for 53 years and has spent every day trying to love each other more even amidst the challenges.

Proud grandparents

Jacques and Gloria are the proud parents of a daughter and a granddaughter. Jacques never fails to show his love for his daughter and granddaughter by cooking for and with them.

He often takes them on his show, and different performs cooking skills with them.

Gloria and Jacques' love story is indeed beautiful, and we hope their love keeps getting stronger.