Elliott Gould And Jenny Bogart Got Married And Divorced Twice And The Actor Hasn't Remarried Since They Split In 1989

October 21, 2019

Fans of Elliott Gould would know that he had a pretty controversial love life.

The legendary actor was married to actress Barbra Streisand for eight years but the union was far from smooth-sailing. The couple got married in 1963 despite being very young. However, their soaring careers made it almost impossible to keep their love alive.

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Elliott once claimed that things were going good until they tied the knot after dating for a year. Their life became chaotic due to their respective schedules as each of them was focused on building their careers.

Despite their marriage coming to an end, Elliott told Closer Weekly in 2017 that he still considered Barbra a part of his family.

Barbra is a very significant part of my life, no less significant than the rest of my family. She's happily married to James Brolin, and he is very nice to me.

Another marriage

Elliott Gould met Jenny Bogart in 1969 around the time his marriage to Barbra was coming to an end. Jenny was 18 at the time while he was 31.

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Speaking to the Independent, Elliott described Jenny as "the best fighter," who "fights for life."

The couple got married four years after they met but things weren't great with this marriage either. Elliott and Jenny got separated, got divorced, got married again, and got divorced the second time around in 1989.

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Not much is known about the in-depth reasons for their roller-coaster relationship. However, after this divorce, Elliott must have decided to remain single as he hasn't taken the plunge down the aisle since then.

His children

During his marriage to Barbra, Elliott welcomed his first child Jason Gould. And while he was married the second time, he and Jenny welcomed two children together.

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Like his marital life, Elliott's career had its ups and downs. However, he's currently on the Screen Actors Guild National Board of Directors and is also associated with charitable causes such as Save Ellis Island.

Elliott Gould made a name as one of the most celebrated actors of his time. But with such fame comes lots of attention in his private life especially when he was married to his iconic Barbra Streisand.

While he hasn't been very forthcoming about his marriage to Jenny, his life at the moment is a bit more stable as he focuses on the things that are most important to him.