"I Never Missed A Day Of Work": 'The Sopranos' Star Edie Falco Hid Her Cancer Diagnosis From Her Castmates

October 9, 2019 16:04

Many know Edie Falco from the HBO drama TV series The Sopranos. But a lot of her friends even her castmates were not aware she was diagnosed with cancer.

The talented star

Edie Falco is an actress well known for her role as Carmela, the wife of mobster Tony Soprano in The Sopranos. She got a breakthrough in her career with the HBO drama often considered to be one of the greatest series of all time.

The actress went on to win three Primetime Emmy, two Golden Globe, and five Screen Actors Guild Awards for her performance in the TV series.

Hiding cancer diagnosis

The Sopranos star revealed that she hid her cancer diagnosis from her castmates. Back in 2003, the actress was diagnosed with the disease.

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Edie said she was hesitant to share her condition because she didn't want any fuss or pity from family and friends. So, she quietly went to get treatment and emerged cancer-free with a short haircut.

As a firm believer in AA’s 12-step philosophy, Falco insists that her sobriety helped her survive cancer. Speaking to Parade magazine she said:

I had really been taking care of myself for about 15 years before I got sick not drinking, not smoking, eating well so I fared very well. I was so lucky that two of the biggest things in my life my sobriety and my breast cancer happened in the order they happened. And I’ve been in therapy since time began. Maybe that helped a little, too, on some level.

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She continued:

I had a miserably hard time holding on to my lines. It was a terribly frightening and surreal time, but I never missed a day of work, even on the worst chemo days. You have no idea at the time that there is a future.

She couldn't watch the show

Edie revealed why she couldn't watch the show. Speaking to Uproxx, the actress said she did not watch The Sopranos because it was too evocative.

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We got four episodes into the first season and I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. It was just too evocative. And of course, the fact that Jim [Gandolfini]'s gone was part of it, but also just we were such kids.

Today, Edie Falco is absolutely safe and sound and continue enjoying her life. The actress proved herself as a real fighter and a great role model for all who struggle with the disease!