"His Wife Was Suddenly There": Michael Douglas' Ex-Wife Blocked Kathleen Turner's Affair With Her Husband

August 2, 2019 14:36

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are the two famous people to the cinema world. They co-starred in The Jewel of the Nile, The War of the Roses and Romancing the Stone. Both young and attractive stars noticed each other when working together on 1984's Romancing The Stone.

It was, in fact, the time when Kathleen and Michael, now 73, discovered 'wild chemistry' between them.

Chemistry between Michael and Kathleen

At that time, their sizzling, sensual aura was palpable not just on screen but to everyone around them.

Kathleen explained that the pair fell for one another on set and were in the process of 'falling in love' when Turner suddenly realized Douglas' then-wife, Diandra, still had feelings for him.

"The chemistry was there and Michael and I were both terrible flirts. I thought Michael was separated."

Turner also admitted that their ‘sexual attraction was all too real’. There was no one who did not believe their on-set passion would lead to an affair.

"We were in the jungle and I was feeling very romantic towards him,"

- Turner said MailOnline's FEMAIL

"It was going to happen. Then I walked on set one day and his wife was suddenly there."

How it all ended

The woman intimated that when Diandra came down she reminded her Douglas was still married. They were in a hotel Valencia having dinner when Dianadra unexpectedly arrived. That gave her a chance to say in front of Turner that she had no intention of ending her marriage.

The appearance of Douglas’s wife, Diandra, was a warning message to Turner that she and her husband were still very much married.

"She sat next to him and made that very clear to me,"

- recalls Turner.

"And that was that. You don’t mess with another woman’s husband."

And while it was not due to Turner, Dianadra eventually didn't manage to stop her husband from leaving.

In 1995 the couple officially separated. They filed for divorce but were not able to finalize on the terms and conditions. The bitter fight went on for nearly 5 years and was completed only in 2000. It was also the time when Catherine Zeta-Jones came into the man's life. Today, the couple have been happily married for 18 years.

And it seems that they really found happiness together! Isn't it great?