Monica Bellucci And Vincent Cassel's Daughters Won The Genetic Lottery, Proving They Inherited Best Features From Parents

October 8, 2019 20:04

Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel were one of the most adorable couples in the world!

The pair, who were married for 14 years and together for 18, met on set of Gilles Mimouni's French-language film The Apartment in 1996 when they both were just 15 years old.

They wed several years later in a quiet ceremony in Monaco, on the French Riviera, and went on to have two daughters together, Deva, 15, and 9-year-old Leonie.

Their romance seemed to be just perfect till the couple announced their separation "by mutual agreement" in 2013.

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Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel daughters

Although their relationship failed, they left something really big and important behind - their 2 gorgeous daughters!

Time flies fast and the couple's first daughter Deva is all grown-up now. She isn't a typical teenager, she's the offspring of one of the most beautiful women in the world!

So it's not a big surprise that she inherited her mother's charm.

They have everything to repeat their mother's success!

The girl has been chosen as the new face of the brand new Dolce&Gabbana Campaign and her beauty is outstanding.

The young model has all the chances to repeat her mother's success as many net users are convinced that she is her mother's copy!

Leonie, who's just 9 now, also has a lot from her famous parents. We believe that once the girl is a bit older she will follow her mother's and sister's footsteps.

Only time will tell what the future brings for these two adorable angels. We hope to hear about their success and share the great news with you!