"Harry Potter" Star Jessie Cave's 27-Year-Old Brother Passed Away Of Electrocution After Night Out

September 2, 2019

Neither ordinary individuals nor celebrities are immune to reckless behavior, antics, mishaps and unusual, unfortunate demises.

Benjamin Haddon-Cave dies after night out

Benjamin Haddon-Cave, a 27-year-old music composer from London best known as the brother and good friend of Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave, was, for example, electrocuted by overhead wires back in March this year.

It was not, however, until several days ago that the news of his unfortunate and premature demise reached the public.

According to the coroner, Benjamin was riding on top of a train in East London on 21 March together with his friend Paddy Bolster. To add insult to injury, the reports surmise that both men were “extremely drunk” while train surfing.

The electrocution occurred, because the two came in contact with high-voltage overhead wires that carried some 25,000 volts of electricity. Benjamin’s sister and Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave, however, challenges the official version that her brother was train-surfing or even inebriated at the time of his electrocution.The woman posted a bittersweet tribute photo to her late brother.

Again, however, the reports of Benjamin’s family run counter to the verdict of the pathologist, who established that the causes of Ben’s demise were hemorrhage, electrocution and thermal trauma. Likewise, the pathologist established that Ben’s remains suggested that he was sodden with booze at the time of his unfortunate demise.

Fan's reaction

Regardless of whether Benjamin was train surfing or not, his family deserves sincere condolences. Fans took to their profiles saying:

After all, many individuals are prone to not-so-prudent antics. At the same time, however, the electrocution of Ben should serve as an awakening to others who might think that train surfing is fun. It is not.