Going Bold: Demi Lovato Is Barely Recognizable In Brand New Martian-Green Hairdo And We Just Can't Look Away

September 16, 2019 12:31

When you imagine Demi Lovato in different scenarios, you probably picture different hairdos as well. This is because the singer isn't afraid to switch things up, not just with her hairstyles but with the colors too.

You may have seen her looking bold in blue...

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Ravishing in red...

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The blond bombshell...

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And who can forget these famous purple highlights?

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A brand new look

If there's anything we can take away from these looks by Demi is that the diva is happy to go to all kinds of extremes to achieve the perfect look.

She may either feel bold and bright or simple and luscious. Regardless, her hair will always pass a strong message. However, for a while now, Demi has played it safe by wearing her hair in a brunette shade but fans were just reminded of just how much she loves colors.

She recently debuted a brand new martian-green hairstyle. Technically, it's mostly the tips that are dyed in punchy green highlights but when she shared snaps of her new look, the effect was undeniably gorgeous.

In fact, we have a feeling people will be searching for that same green lizard amplified shade all thanks to the gorgeous songstress.

If you're trying this

According to EverydayHealth, you must be careful when it comes to using hair dyes. Use gloves during the application, try to keep the color off your scalp, avoid combining different dye products and ensure you rinse your scalp thoroughly when you're through.

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Better still, visit a professional if you want to ensure your hair and overall health stay safe.

Will you be trying Demi Lovato's green look?