Michelle Obama's Eye-Watering Price For The Speaking Events Sparks Social Media Outrage: "Most Overhyped Person In US History"

September 17, 2019 12:53

Michelle Obama's candid memoir Becoming has become the best-selling hardcover in 2018-2019. The former First Lady honestly wrote about her life starting from childhood and ending by living in the White House within eight years.

During a year, Obama has been touring across the USA to represent her book, giving various interviews and signing up numerous autographs afterward. Indeed, people were elated to see the former FLOTUS face-to-face!

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The mother-of-two sparked more rage on social media as the prices of her tickets had come to the public's awareness. A while ago, she unveiled the eye-watering price of her New Jersey tour.

The speaking events, which have been titled “Moderated Conversation,” sell tickets of over $3,700. The cheapest prices for one of the events are $144, whereas the most expensive — $4,200 for a suite level ducat. However, it has also been reported that Obama takes $5,000 for the VIP package for two people.

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Once the news was broke down, people went nuts. They readily took to social media to voice their outrage onto Michelle Obama.

Social media users also criticized Barack's wife and expressed their hatred toward her as an individual, dubbing her as the "most overhyped person in US history."

Although we find Michelle Obama a very interesting and well-rounded human being, we agree that the prices of speaking events in New Jersey are somewhat pricey for one night.