Kelly Ripa Teams Up With 306 Ballerinas To Break The Guinness World Record For Most Dancers En Pointe

September 12, 2019

Many of us are not aware that before hosting Live! With Kelly & Ryan, Kelly Ripa was a ballet dancer. She studied this particular art form since the age of three. Everything she later pursued in life became an extension of it.

The sensational actress/anchor has three-quarters Italian and one-quarter Irish ancestry. It means this traditional skill which originated in Italy runs in her veins. During her high school days, she was selected as a cheerleader due to her flexibility. Kelly also channeled that core strength while acting in Hollywood's dance-musicals as well.

She just broke a world record!

The New York City's principal dancers, Tiler Peck, and Lauren Lovett contacted Ryan and Kelly to help them break a world record. The co-hosts found the idea outstanding for the show. On the latest episode, they invited the official judge of Guinness Book Of Records.

They had to gather up the maximum number of ballet dancers and have them do en Point simultaneously. It is the technique to bear all your body-weight on your toes while wearing ballet shoes. Something that Kelly is very familiar with.

Somehow the hostess was nervous. The last time she danced en Pointe was in 1986. Kelly mentioned that most of the youngsters performing with her would even have been born at that time. Nonetheless, she effortlessly pulled off the joint feat for a whole minute. And they made it!

Kelly's followers applauded her


Thanks for an awesome morning! You were cracking me up! 😂😍


Thank you again for doing this! My daughter had such a great experience.😊💕


Kelly did awesome! Per usual 💓💖❤


Congratulations! It was fun to watch! You’re awesome!👏👏👏❤️

Well, our toes hurt just by watching it. Congratulations to the entire group of 306 incredible ladies. They made us proud!