Cindy Crawford Got Slammed For Wearing A Revealing Bikini At 53: "Getting A Little Old For This"

August 9, 2019

Cynthia Ann "Cindy" Crawford is one of the pioneers of the modeling industry. Her successful career is a roadmap for many young girls who have big dreams. She is an international celebrity that managed to prove her brilliance on TV, films and also as a spokesperson.

The sensational lady is 53-years-old and has no wrinkle in sight. Cindy's beauty regime has simple steps that anyone can follow. There aren't any palettes, shimmers and brush sets involved. On Vogue, the diva featured her entire routine.

Flaunting toned body

The gorgeous woman never shies from posing by a swimming pool. Her flawless skin compels her to soak the sun rays and feel its warmth. Whether it's fashion photoshoots or couture exhibitions, Cindy's elegance handles them all. Even her personal lifestyle reflects her modeling image.

Recently, she stirred the pot after sharing a revealing portrait of herself on Instagram. Cindy showed off her toned figure in a revealing bikini. She stylishly leaned on a pole which accentuated her best assets. How can she be so perfect?

People found it age-inappropriate

It is expected of women over 50s to choose modest clothing. Well, at least according to naysayers.They slammed Cindy for selecting such provocative attire.


Getting a little old for this...😬


You are old now. I don't think you are living in reality. Men do not foam at the mouth at 55 year old women. Trust me.

Her fans came to defend her and put sensible comments amid the negative debate.


People can be so hateful!!! We will ALL get old.. However NOT all of us will BE lucky to be THIS BEAUTIFUL.. Never to old to Feel and look Good!!! You go girl!! :)


All The critic's wish they looked this good, espcially at this age. Cente'anni Cindy

When you got it, you got to flaunt it! Maybe, the haters just envy how good she looks in swimwear. Share this and sound off.