Happy Anniversary! Sigourney Weaver And Jim Simpson Are Celebrating 35 Years As Husband And Wife

October 1, 2019 12:18

Actress Sigourney Weaver happens to be seven years older than her husband, director Jim Simpson. In Hollywood, one took the frontline while the other worked in the background.

Their love story is stretched over decades and they have all the reason to cherish their journey today.

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The iconic lady met her future life-partner at Williamstown Theatre Festival in the summer of 1983. She saw Jim reading a pile of books about the Moscow art theater. He seemed very intellectual and cute to her. So, she asked him to dance but, he said no. After completely mortifying Sigourney, he revealed he was kidding and would love to dance with her.

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35 years as husband and wife

Weeks after that party, Weaver finally mustered enough courage to take Jim on a dinner date. He admitted he liked being pursued by her. Things took off from there and the couple married on October 1, 1984. Six years later, they were blessed with a daughter, Charlotte Simpson.

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Now, Sigourney and Jim are celebrating 35 years as husband and wife. Their partnership has worked wonders in every aspect of life. The two collaborated for the film The Guys in which the wife starred and the husband directed. Their daughter Charlotte also played Weaver's on-screen daughter in the production.

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What does Jim think of his wife's popularity?

While talking to Express UK, Sigourney praised Jim for maintaining the balance between them. They both know that their careers are equally significant. She revealed:

He handles the fuss with grace. I get far more attention than him, but it's clear for both of us that his work is as important as mine.

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Happy wedding anniversary to Sigourney Weaver and Jim Simpson. They are truly goals-worthy. Share this and send them your best wishes.