Gold Digger Alert! Steve Harvey Defends His Wife While Fans Claim She Is Just After His Money

August 16, 2019

Steve and Marjorie Harvey often become the victim of ruthless rumors. Previously, the spectators spread the false news of their divorce. The couple didn't initially comment but, shut them all down on their 12th wedding anniversary. They paid lovely tribute to each other. It seems the host has learned this trick to work every time.

Earlier in August, the pair and their daughter indulged on a family vacation. Lori's alleged boyfriend, Diddy also accompanied them while they roamed in Italy. The two were all smiles and looked very much in love while having lunch in the town of Nerano.

Gold digger spouse?

Marjorie Harvey continued to update her Instagram followers of the squad's whereabouts. She posted a photo of herself proudly sitting in a private plane. Steve's beloved wife looked every bit of elite that he is.

As she went on to share some more inside pictures, the naysayers growled at her. They gave a warning to her husband directly that his wife is only after his money.


She just spending all of Steve’s savings he needs to get back to work or she will be gone once the money gone 🤣


@iamsteveharveytv she loves your money 💴 🤷🏿‍♀️


@iamsteveharveytv your money

Their unfair judgment provoked Steve and he set the record straight. Yet again, he used the platform to end the debate on his and Marjorie's relationship. He replied:

Truth is...I love her and she loves me, thats a fact ...... you know 2people really can be in love .... it really is possible❤️

Others defended the pair's precious bond


@iamsteveharveytv💯💯💯 you guys be blessed , some many ppl have so much jealously 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ but so many people ❤️ yall


@iamsteveharveytv amen thats all that matters you got each other


Thank you so much to Marjorie and Steve for sharing your personal vacation with us. It’s really nice to see many parts and places that you have shown us. That was really thoughtful. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. Love is Beauitiful ❤️xoxo🥂🍾


@iamsteveharveytv your love for each other shows. It is no doubt about it. May God continue to bless your love. "Ain't nothing like the real thing baby. I'm so glad you all have the real thing" in my Marvin Gaye/ Tammy Terrell voice!

We should support love even if we don't understand it from afar. Share this and preach to free women of the baseless labels.