Mariska Hargitay Cues In New Details About Late Mom Jayne Mansfield: "She Played The Violin & Had A 160 IQ"

October 3, 2019 00:49

Most of us recognize Mariska Hargitay as a star of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She's been portraying the character of Olivia Benson since 1999. Apart from the TV success, there is excellence latched to her from Hollywood.

Before Pamela Anderson. the world chanted Jayne Mansfield's name. Unfortunately, she passed away in 1967. The screen siren's whole family was accompanying her to work. The driver's vision got blocked by the thick fog of mosquito spray from a truck ahead. All passengers received physical trauma from an intense collision.

The accident claimed the lives of Mariska's mother, her lover, and their chauffeur. Somehow, the future TV star and her two older brothers survived the tragedy.

How was Jayne in person?

Mariska was only 3 when she lost her loving mother. Whenever she misses her presence, she is suggested to just look in the mirror. The 55-year-old is a spitting image of Jayne. It's the only way the classic diva stays with her daughter.

In the latest issue of People magazine, Hargitay will be releasing the details about her mother that are less famous. She was known as a blonde bombshell in the industry but, there was more to her. Jayne was talented, dedicated and compassionate.

The daughter shed light on her mom's legacy while almost tearing up:

People didn’t know that she played the violin and had a 160 IQ and had five kids and loved dogs. She was just so ahead of her time. She was an inspiration, she had this appetite for life, and I think I share that with her.

Jayne's other children

The late actress was married to three different men during her lifetime: Matt Cimber, Mickey Hargitay, and Paul Mansfield. She had five children from her spouses: Mariska Hargitay, Jayne Marie Mansfield, Zoltan Hargitay, Tony Cimber, Mickey and Hargitay Jr.

All of them have chosen to stay away from the spotlight except Mariska. The siblings support each other and are very much involved with one another's families.

It's delightful to see Mariska walking her iconic mom's footsteps. Share this and compliment the pretty woman.