"There's Nothing Better Than Family": Sheryl Crow Is A Very "Protective" And Doting Mum To Two Adopted Sons, Apart From Her Remarkable Career

September 19, 2019

Sheryl Crow has had multiple high-profile relationships but has never been married.

After romances with musician Eric Clapton and Hollywood actor Owen Wilson, the country music singer began dating cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2003. They were engaged two years later but jointly announced their split in 2006.

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No doubts, Sheryl Crow is an extremely famous country singer and advocates for many political and social movements. However, the most important for her is two adopted sons, Wyatt and Levi.

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Adopting children is a special occasion for many people, and Sheryl Crow is no different. Since the 57-year-old didn't give birth on her own, she simply decided to make two handsome boys happy in this world.

The singer told People that nothing is more perfect than having a family.

Adopting my boys — that's just been the biggest everlasting event that has informed everything. I didn't want to spend any more nights away from home. When you have kids, your priorities definitely change. I really felt consistency is the most important thing.

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Crow is very "protective" of her children and rarely shows 9-year-old Levi and 12-year-old Wyatt on social media. She added that having children has made her rethink what's important in her life.

At this point in my life, I am grounded and peaceful in knowing the order of things. There have been days where I think, 'I suck as a mom; I can't do anything right.' But at the end of the day, there's nothing better than family. I'm so blessed.

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The A-lister is very close to her 60s but she has never given up her dream to be married one day. The currently single rocker admits she’s still "absolutely" open to romance.

In a 2017 interview with People, Sheryl Crow claimed:

It’s trickier when you have kids, to want to walk down the aisle. But nonetheless, I don’t think you have to be married to have a wonderful relationship. I definitely date and have had some good relationships — we’ll see what happens.

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We hope she will be lucky and blessed enough to find her Mr. Right!