31-Year-Old Singer Mike Posner Was Urgently Hospitalized After A Rattlesnake Bite: "That Venom Is No Joke!"

August 9, 2019 14:10

American singer and songwriter, Mike Posner, was delivered to a hospital due to an emergency the other night. The singer, known for hits like Please Don't Go and Cooler Than Me, shared the sad news on social media.

he 31-year-old announced back in April that would be taking a national walk — Forrest Gump-style Walk Across America — from New Jersey to California. He had already crushed 16 miles and needed 8 miles more to complete the adventure when he got bit by a rattlesnake.

Mike Posner wrote a message on social media:

Crazy day yesterday! I had just crushed 16 miles and was going for 8 more when I got bit by a baby rattlesnake. That venom is no joke!

The young singer was readily airlifted and urgently delivered to a local hospital where he could get treatment as soon as possible. Thankfully, Posner is now doing alright and is recovering from the snake bite.

I got to the hospital and got the anti-venom in time. I’ll be here a few days and will not be able to walk for several weeks but enjoying the AC and the nice bed, haven’t had those in a while Hahahaha! Can’t wait to get back on The Walk!

Posner hopes his decision to do Walk Across America can inspire others to seize the day and live in the moment.

People send warm wishes


Holy cow! Glad you are ok man you are inspiring us all!!! We love you ❤️❤️


You are a warrior bro. Wow that is so crazy!!!. I wish you the best recovery man. You are inspiring everybody🔥


Ohh man🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 thanks god you’re okay!🙏🏼 keep it up brother❗️


I gotta say, of course I’m happy you’re okay, but you probably coulda just survived it with lentils and peanut butter. Love u

We wish the best for Mike Posner and hope he will get well soon!