American Fashion Icon Nancy Pelosi Oozes Glamour In An Astonishing Sky Blue Pantsuit On Her Last Day Before Summer Vacation

August 7, 2019

Nancy Pelosi has established one important thing — she is a style icon. The White House speaker stuns in vivid suits every now and again and it doesn't matter she opts for a fuchsia outfit for the high-profile meeting or a transparent attire for a deal with some representatives.

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A while ago, the 79-year-old looked ten years younger donning a knockdown pale blue pantsuit. The speaker dressed up to the nines, showcasing her slender figure.

She also paired the chic number with a pair of astonishing earrings.

Nancy Pelosi is believed to have had the last day at work before her short-term summer vacation. The American politician causes admiration both for her brilliant career and charming beauty, beating all odds.

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It is quite hard to believe but many people compare Nancy Pelosi and Melania Trump nowadays. Interestingly, The Washington Post once dubbed the White House speaker "a fashion icon" and FLOTUS' fans were flying off the handle.

It was written in the article that whether Pelosi realizes it or not, she actually is a style inspiration for many Americans, unlike Melania Trump.

While we agree that Nancy Pelosi looks magnificent for her age, we also reckon Melania Trump doesn't lag behind whatsoever.