“He Is The Only Man I Have Loved”: Celine Dion Confessed The Only Man She Kissed In Her Life Was Late Husband Rene Angelil

August 29, 2019 12:55

It has been years since Céline Dion’s husband, René Angélil, passed away from throat cancer. But we can’t help looking back at their unique love story.

Remembering Rene

Celine Dion was brought to tears during the Paris Fashion Week show by Valentino which coincided with the anniversary of Rene's death.

As the models walked the runway, Dion was captured wiping tears discretely as a song dear to her and Rene played in the background, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack. It was their wedding song.

The only man

Celine Dion is getting candid about her marriage with her late husband and former manager, Rene Angelil. In an interview with The Sunday Project, the Canadian singer revealed that Rene was the only man she ever kissed. She said:

He taught me everything. He is the only man I have seen, the only man I have loved, and I have never kissed another man in my life.

The couple shared their first kiss when Celine was 20 years old after she won a contest for Switzerland.

According to Celine, Angélil was her only love. She met the later producer when she was only 12 years old. They were introduced by the singer’s mother who wanted Rene to manage her.

In a few years, they began a romantic relationship. Because of Céline’s career and their 26-year age gap, the two decided to keep it cool and love secretly.

Celine’s mother initially disapproved of their union

When Celine’s mom introduced her daughter to Rene, she never anticipated that he would be getting married to Dion years later. The award-winning singer told Access Online that her mother did not approve of the relationship.

However, years later, Celine said she understood why her mother objected to their marriage.

Celine Dion's heart will go on for just one man till the end of time, her late husband Rene Angelil!