Happy Birthday To The Strongest Cancer Fighter And Eminent Actress Olivia Newton-John Who Turns 71

September 27, 2019 11:59

Cancer survivor and one of the greatest actresses of our generation Olivia Newton-John celebrates her 71st birthday. Hurrah!

Happy birthday, Olivia!

Eminent and one-of-a-kind Olivia Newton-John has already crossed a 7-decade line. On September 26, the legendary actress celebrated her 71st birthday with love and gratitude in her heart.

Olivia’s good old friend and former co-star John Travolta was among the first ones to wish the actress a very happy birthday with a sweet tribute.

The Grease star is in high spirits despite her lasting battle with cancer. Olivia was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992. She could defeat the disease at that time.

In 2017, the star revealed that her cancer has returned. Amid both chemotherapy and herbal treatments, Olivia also finds time to support the cancer community. She is a founder of a cancer research center in Australia.

In one of her interviews, Olivia shared how she managed not to lose hope amid this tough life battle.

She said:

I'm grateful for everyday, and life is wonderful. I don't like the phrase 'fighting cancer' because that sets up images of battles and anger. I choose to see my body as winning, which is a much healthier mental picture.

Fans congratulate the actress

@ artistjenkins

Great shot. Happy birthday Olivia. Both of you elevated that movie with your chemistry. Thanks for sharing John.

@ a.rusane

Happy Birthday Sandy❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

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Oh my god 😍😍😍 yes! Happy birthday, Olivia! Forever Danny and Sandy! ♥️♥️

@ dogma3993

Best movie ever. Happy birthday 🎁

Happy birthday, dear Olivia! Wishing you all the happiness in the world!