How Disappointing! TV Host Tim Vincent Claims Donald Trump Gave Him A $7300 Pocket Watch Many Years Ago That Turned Out To Be Fake

October 9, 2019 12:58

Long before he became president of the United States, Donald Trump co-owned the Miss USA pageant with NBC from 1996 to 2015. The pageant was then purchased from him by WME/IMG in September 2015.

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In 2007, TV personality Tim Vincent hosted the show and he recently shared a particularly memorable incident that had to do with the POTUS.

A disappointing watch

On an episode of Loose Women, 46-year-old Tim Vincent claimed that he received a watch from Donald Trump in 2007 that turned out to be fake.

Tim said that the accessory was part of some goody bags that Trump gave out during the contest. The TV personality said that he gave out most of the items in the bag except two pocket watches which he assumed were expensive.

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He explained that he eventually forgot about the watch but his ex-girlfriend later discovered it and looked up the price online. She found that it was worth about $7300.

Tim said he decided he needed the money more than he needed the watch so he decided to sell it.

I took it down to the pawn shop and the guy said, what do you want to do with it? I said, sell it. He said, it’s a fake.

We can imagine that this came as a surprise to the TV presenter who was probably looking forward to being over $7000 richer.

What's Tim up to

Tim Vincent got the attention of fans all over when he appeared on Blue Peter for more than 25 years.

Since then, in addition to hosting pageants, Tim has also continued his work as a journalist which includes reporting gigs on Access Hollywood.

While on Loose Women, Tim also revealed that he and his partner Gemma Charles were thrilled to welcome twins last October, making him a dad for the first time.

Clearly he has a lot going for him. Hopefully, the fake watch saga didn't sting too much.