Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Places Blame On The Media As She Divorces Husband Ahmed Hirsi After Being Married For A Year

October 10, 2019

Ilhan Omar, currently serving as the US Representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district is going through a divorce as she and husband Ahmed Hirsi are set to part ways.

Ilhan and Ahmed became engaged in 2002 but they only had an Islamic ceremony at the time and welcomed two children before they separated in 2008. A year later, Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi but the marriage ended in 2011 after which she reconciled with her first husband Ahmed Hirsi and had a third child.

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Omar and Elmi became legally divorced in 2017 and in January 2018 Ilhan and Ahmed became legally married.

Their divorce

TMZ reported that Ilhan and Ahmed filed a divorce petition where they cited an "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship' as the cause of their split. The couple is seeking joint custody of their three children.

However, the NY Post reported that the couple is parting ways because Ilhan was having an affair with Tim Mynett, a political consultant.

The congresswoman and her husband allegedly separated in March due to troubles in their marriage. Sources told the publication that Ahmed filed for divorce shortly after Tim Mynett's wife did the same and alleged that her spouse was having an affair with Ilhan.

Ilhan slams the media

The allegations of an affair are yet to be confirmed, however, Ilhan, speaking through her attorney, lashed out at the media and political opponents.

In a statement to TMZ, attorney Jaime Driggs said:

Ilhan and Ahmed have been the object of speculation and innuendo from political opponents and the media. This has taken a significant toll on Ilhan, Ahmed, and their three children.

Driggs added that this was a "difficult time" for the family and hoped that they are given privacy as they navigate through the situation.

Divorces can be tough especially when you're in the public eye. But it's clear that Ilhan and Ahmed are choosing to keep things private at this time.