Sasha Obama Is The It-Girl At Her University As Sororities Desperately Try To Get Her To Join Them, Report Says

September 5, 2019 12:08

It sounds like Barack Obama's daughter Sasha is having a really fun time in college.

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According to Detroit News, the 18-year-old was enrolled at the University of Michigan. While we're unlikely to get a day-to-day update of how she's doing in her new school, reports say that things are generally going well.

Sorority attention

TMZ reported that the young Obama is being courted by several sororities in the University who are desperate to have her pledge in their house.

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Sasha is quickly becoming the much sought-after it-girl at her school, the publication claims, adding that they some are even referring to her as a 'rush crush'.

Sources say that the sorority houses believe that having Sasha join them will be an "unquestionable badge of honor" and it's not just because she's the daughter of the 44th president of the United States.

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She has been described as smart, personable and likeable which people approve of.

Of course, Sasha will only get to choose one sorority house at the end of the day and reports say it could be Alpha Chi Omega (AXO).

One reason is that she reportedly stayed at the house when she visited the college earlier this year because one of her high school friends pledged there.

It was reported that mom Michelle didn't pledge a sorority while at Princeton but she was appointed an honorary Alpha Kappa Alpha member in 2008.


Some people congratulated Sasha for kicking off college in such an exciting way.

Then there are a few who wondered if all this attention is just because she's the daughter of a former president.

Regardless of the opposing views, we can guess that Sasha will find her way and make favorable decisions one way or another.