People Furiously Demand That Melania "Go Back Where She Came From" Amid College Degree Scandal That Makes Her Ineligible For Visa

September 6, 2019 13:03

Melania Trump was not originally an American citizen and due to reports that she gave some false information, people feel she doesn't deserve to remain in the country not to talk of being the First Lady.

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Melania's professional biography initially stated that she obtained a degree in design and architecture at a University in Slovenia. However, it was later determined that even though she attended the institution, she never actually graduated as she dropped out before then.

Following the backlash from these reports, the bio was adjusted to say that she went to the school but took a pause from her studies to pursue modeling. Now, however, her professional bio on the government website makes no mention of her academic history.

According to an article published by PoliticalFlare, Melania Trump's 'Einstein Visa', which she was reportedly granted to become a citizen of the US, was given based on her college degree which she allegedly lied about.

Bruce Morrison a former Democratic congressman and immigration expert told the publication that Melania Trump's resume at the time she received the visa seemed "inconsistent" with the requirements to get it.

The conclusion was that if the First Lady could lie about being a college graduate, then she could have falsified some information on her visa application which means she may not have been eligible to be granted one.

Social media users have posted their opinions based on this information. They felt that if there was any reason to suspect that Melania wasn't truthful about how she got her visa, or if she did so illegally, then she should be deported.

Considering the Trump administration's strict policies on immigration, people felt that his wife gaining illegal entry into the country was hypocritical.

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