'This Needs To Be Stopped': Outrage As Barack Obama Is Named The Most Expensive President For Taxpayers In US History

September 5, 2019 11:42

It's understandable that when a president is on the seat, a certain amount is allocated to them to get things done. But what seems to be upsetting some people is how much has been spent on them even after they left their posts.

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According to VOA, United State presidents currently get paid about $400,000 every year and these perks don't disappear even after they leave office.

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It was reported that ex-presidents draw a pension and taxpayers also shell out money for post-presidential travels and business expenses like setting up their own office anywhere in the country.

Obama's report

The NYPost reported that taxpayers pay up to $1,153,000 for the former president's expenses in 2018 based on reports from the Congressional Research Service.

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This budget was believed to be $100,000 than George W. Bush's pay for the same year. The reports went on to state that one of the biggest expense for ex-presidents is renting their office space.

Obama got himself an 8198-sq-ft space in Washington which taxpayers shelled out $536,000 for in 2018. It was alleged that this was the highest amount compared to any other president.

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Bill Clinton's office in Harlem cost $518,000 and was 8,300 square feet while George W Bush office in Dallas cost $497,000. George H.W Bush's space in Houston went for $286,000 and former president Jimmy Carter got an office in Atlanta which cost $115,000.

It was also reported that Obama's pension payment is the highest, raking in $236,000 as Clinton came in second with $231,000.


Many people had strong reactions since these numbers were made public. A lot of them felt like, in general, the US taxpayers were spending way too much on former presidents.

Veora Brewer believed that the retirement benefits provided for these men are ridiculous:

This needs to be stopped. Any president NOT at retirement age should never receive this kind of money. Even a retirement benefit should be limited. This is ridiculous!

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Donna Loffredo also agreed:

I never knew this. I just found a way to cut the deficit. This is a ridiculous waste of money. They r not Kings or gods. They're just former presidents.

Some commenters also reacted to how much Obama alone was spending.

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Sandy Foraker opined that even while in office, the former president must have spent a lot more too.

There’s no surprise! I believe he spent much more than anyone else while he was president also. Once they leave office we should be done paying for them.

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Kathren Rose Cole wondered about Obama's decision to get such an expensive office:

I am curious... why does he need an 8100 sq. ft. office space that costs half a million dollars?

Lisa Santarelli wanted answers:

Funny how he walked into the presidency not being a millionaire and only received $400,000 pay for his job but yet he is buying homes up for millions of dollars? Where did he get all the money from?

People generally didn't think that the amount being earned by past presidents is fair. Do you agree?