Back To The 80s! A Throwback To Sir Elton John And Olivia Newton-John Touching Duet Of ‘Candle In The Wind'

September 2, 2019 15:00

Both Elton John And Olivia Newton-John are household names when it comes to the music industry, each selling millions of records.

Their work together

Olivia and Elton, who both have John in their names, have had an excellent working relationship right from the 80s.

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Elton John was the producer of Olivia's album ‘The Rumour’ and also co-writer of the track title. The two have had a couple of performances together at Hollywood nights.

Touching Duet

Both Grammy award winners performed a touching duet of the song ‘Candle in the wind.’

It was an emotional performance as Elton played the piano while Olivia’s angelic voice added beauty to the song.

The chemistry between them was mindblowing, and the symphony in their voices was undeniable.

The song was initially written by Elton John And Bernie Taupin to honor Marilyn Monroe 11 years after her death.


Their performace hurled in a lot of comments from fans who were taken aback by the way their voices sounded perfect together.

@ReverandPigeon commented:

“Very beautiful version. Combining Olivia and Elton's talents together you can expect such a version of beautifull-ness!!!!!”

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@Kevin Johnson added:

“Piano, two unique voices, great song - Perfect!”

@Leonardo Mori, who is absolutely in love with Olivia's voice, said:

“Olivia has the. Gift of making magic all she sings... is unique for me.”

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@Christopher Oliver gushed also said:

“Two of my favorite musicians, singing a beautiful song together!”

Olivia and Elton John would continue to be celebrated as people with phenomenal voices who have touched the world with their beautiful voices.