From Ellen DeGeneres With Love: The TV Host Gifted Melania Trump A Gold Baby Stroller After Barron Was Born

October 18, 2019 17:10

Ellen DeGeneres has been receiving backlash after she was spotted sitting with former US President George Bush. But did you know she also faced criticism after gifting Melania Trump a gold baby stroller when she welcomed her son?

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Friendship with presidents

Ellen DeGeneres is friendly with G. W. Bush. She came under fire for sitting with Bush who is against gay marriage at a football game. But he's not the only one US president with whom she’s friends.

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DeGeneres received the Presidential medal of Freedom from her friend, Barack Obama. The former president praised Ellen for her brave decision to come out on her TV show. He explained that her courage helped "push our country in the direction of justice".

Golden gift

Back in 2006, Melania Trump received a gift for her only child, Barron from Ellen DeGeneres. After Barron was born, the US First Lady received a gold stroller with its own chandelier.

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In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Melania was pictured posing with the stroller in the $100 million penthouse she shared with her husband in New York.

When asked about the gift, she said: “It’s fun. It makes you laugh.” However, Ellen came under fire from social media users who branded the gift as “gross” and very ugly.

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Others defended DeGeneres’ gesture explaining that she might have bought it as a joke. The TV host who faced backlash for her friendship with George W Bush hasn’t commented on the stroller.

No love for Trumps

It seems Ellen does not support the Trumps after Donald became POTUS. Despite her general resistance to getting political on her show, DeGeneres took a stance against Trump.

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The TV host hypothetically said to one of her guests that she would not invite the president to her daytime talk-show. She explains: "He’s against everything that I stand for."

Ellen DeGeneres has the freedom to practice social courtesies at her will. She has the right to sit and give gifts whenever she deems fit. Let the love win!