Caught In The Act! Meghan Markle Laughs In Delight As She Tries On A “Crown” For Cheeky Selfie

October 11, 2019

Marrying a member of the royal family means having to follow a huge number of protocol rules and old traditions. However, Meghan Markle decided to choose her own royal path.

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She demonstrated her course of action during her and Prince Harry’s tour of South Africa. Over the 10 days, Meghan interacted with locals and managed to connect with the country that is so close to her husband’s heart.

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The Duchess showed off her down-to-earth personality as if saying that no matter what status she has, she will always be true to herself.

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Our favorite moment of the whole tour was when Meghan “tried on” a special “crown” created by a South-African entrepreneur.

The funny encounter

The Duchess of Sussex melted royal fans’ hearts as she tried a “crown” during a meeting in Johannesburg. Artist and entrepreneur Nikiwe Dlova, who found Own Ur Crown, showed the Duchess an Instagram filter she created.

Meghan curiously looked at Dlovas’ phone without realizing that the filter puts “crowns” on people’s heads. To the Duchess’ shock and delight, she saw a series of headpieces appearing on her hair.

Nikiwe actually creates those “crowns” in real life and she brought some of them to the meeting. The artist commented:

When she [Meghan] looked away she realized it was the same headpiece I was holding! This is an experience I will never forget!!!

Dlova captioned the cute moment on a video and shared it on social media, saying:

Lastly, she owned her crown with our Instagram filter we collaborated on with Will Hurt and Max Mutanda.

Fans’ reactions


This was funny. Duchess said “girrrl you are so funny”


Oh how I looooove this lady. She just amazes me every waking day and I strive to be like her. I am a 74 yrs old woman. Great tour


Am the person who laugh whenever Meghan is laughing, OMG I like dat woman.GOD BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY

@erikk_the_dane erikk_the_dane:

Meghan is so lovable!


Cutest woman in the world


She truly is as beautiful as can certainly be...Sorry but I just love her and I think she will be the next Michelle Obama

It might have been the first-ever “crown” Meghan tried own but she certainly looked gorgeous in it. Maybe one day she will put on a real one.