"I Didn't Really Know Who I Was." Desi Arnaz Jr On Why He Took A Break From The Public Life To Protect His "Sanity"

November 5, 2019 12:19

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were absolutely epic as an entertainment couple. And these days, fans still hear about their daughter Lucie Arnaz.

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For instance, Lucie told GoodMorningAmerica in August 2019 that people regularly came up to her and her brother to say that watching I Love Lucy, the show in which her parents starred, got them "through some really tough times."

Lucie is hard at work keeping her parents' legacy alive. But what about her brother Desi Arnaz Jr. It's been a while since people have heard from him and understandably, fans worry if he's doing okay.

Desi Arnaz Jr. today

Contrary to several rumors claiming that Desi Arnaz Jr has passed away, he's surely still alive and well.

In 2015, Desi explained to Canyon News that he felt the need to step out of the spotlight for his "sanity." He explained that he was doing fine but chose to leave Los Angeles for Nevada because he needed a different life.

My whole life had been in the face of the world. Because of my parents, no matter what we did or said ended up somewhere in the press or media. I didn’t really know who I was.

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He went on to talk about how he and his sister were still looked at as just Desi and Lucille's kids.

And that includes friends or anyone might not know who I was or my sister, we were trapped, locked in a system that excluded reality.

It became important for Desi to find out who he was outside all this.

Desi lost his wife Amy in 2015 at the age of 63. She passed away four days after Desi's 62nd birthday following her battle with cancer.

In addition to his loss, Desi also reconnected with the daughter he had when he was a teenager.

These little snippets from his life show that even though he has some struggles, he's still forging on.

Desi and Lucie Arnaz's close sibling relationship

Both Desi Jr and Lucie love to keep a low profile but they never forget their parents' legacy.

According to CloserWeekly, they signed on to produce a movie, Luci and Desi, which was based on their parents' 20-year marriage.

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Fans of the iconic Desi and Lucille Arnaz will never forget the joy and laughter these actors brought to their lives. And it seems the couple's children will always remember too.

While Desi Jr may prefer a quiet life, he still puts in the effort to honor his late parents and maintains a close relationship with his sister.

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