Age Is No Barrier: Billy Joel And His 4th Wife Alexis Roderick Have A 33-Year Age-Gap And The Couple Share 2 Children

December 23, 2019

A quick glance at Billy Joel's spouses and marital life tell us that he didn't give up on finding a suitable mate since his first marriage to Elizabeth Weber ended in 1982, nine years after they said 'I do,'

However, by the time he got to his fourth marriage, he was a tad bit more cautious than previous unions. It took a while for the world to realize who had stolen the singer's heart. Before Alexis' identity was revealed in 2010, people were curious about Billy Joel and the lady he seemed to adore.

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The mystery was eventually solved when the NY DailyNews confirmed, in December of that year, that Billy had fallen head over heels for a reserved young lady named Alexis. She told the outlet at the time that she and Billy were friends for a long time before making things official.

Getting married and raising kids

Five years after their relationship became public knowledge, Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel tied the knot. The beautiful ceremony took place on July 4th, 2015, People reported. In fact, what made it even more awesome was that the guests had no clue they were attending a wedding on this day.

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As it turned out, the couple invited their closest friends to what was normally their annual 4th of July party but the then 66-year-old singer and his 33-year-old partner chose to exchange vows instead. And when it came to building a family together, these two most certainly hit the ground running.

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The bride already had a bun in the oven at the wedding so two months later, they had more reasons to celebrate when they welcomed their first child together, a baby girl named Della Rose Joel.

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In 2017, Billy Joel and his wife Alexis became parents once again. This time around, another baby girl named Remy Anne Joel joined the family. While she was the couple's second child together, it was technically Billy's third child as he and his second wife Christie Brinkley share their first child, Alexa Ray Joel, together.

So, one had to wonder how Billy felt to be a dad with two young children in his late 60s. Sure, like many parents, he must have experienced a little bit of struggle but overall, he was also quite thrilled.

He once told ExtraTV that it was "fantastic" being a father and Alexis confirmed that he was very hands-on.

The secret of this fourth marriage

Are Billy Joel and Alexis's marriage going to stand the test of time? We can't answer that. But what we do know is that an upside to having three previous marriages meant he knew what to do and what to avoid when it came to making a relationship work.

While speaking to Parade Magazine in 2018, Billy explained that, in his other marriages, he was hardly there for his family as he was on the road most of the time. But with Alexis, he tried harder to be a "home dad" and whenever he wasn't working, he was spending his time with them.

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Billy Joel turned 70 in May 2019 and while many parents of his age are chilling out and hanging with the grandkids, this legendary singer had two young kids in his home. Is he an overwhelmed dad? Probably. But we have a feeling he wouldn't have it any other way.

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