Hot And Heavy! 21-Year-Old Malia Obama Spotted In London Cozying Up To Boyfriend Rory

January 9, 2020

At 21, Malia Obama just may have met the love of her life if these pictures are any indication.

Finding love in college

Many people do end up meeting someone special while in college and the same happened to former First Daughter, Malia Obama.

In 2016, it was revealed that Malia would be attending Harvard University in the fall of the coming year. This turned out to be the case and we'll like to think things have been going smoothly.

In fact, a few months after she started schooling there, reports emerged that she was dating Rory Farquharson after snaps of them looking all-loved-up were posted online.

Holidays in London

Malia Obama and her boyfriend, Rory, do seem to make quality time a priority. And they are clearly still going strong. It was reported that Rory, also a student at Havard, grew up in the UK and by all indications, is still based there. However, distance isn't a barrier for the couple.

According to the DailyMail, Barack and Michelle Obama's daughter took a trip to the UK to spend the Christmas holidays with her boyfriend.

Based on the reports, it's believed that Malia and Rory enjoyed some time together at Rory's million-dollar home in London. In fact, pictures of them hanging out have also made their way to the internet.

In one of them, the young couple looked super happy as they walked side by side with Rory even leaning closer to his beloved to check out something on her phone.

Witnesses reported that the pair seemed so relaxed and happy with one another on the trip.

Barack Obama's views on his daughters' dating life

The former President of the United States has opened up about his views on Malia and Sasha's romantic adventures.

  • He once said in a radio interview that he's "pretty relaxed" about his girls' dating because his wife, Michelle, is "tough" and sets a pretty good example for them on how to carry themselves
  • In the same interview, he revealed that he relied on the Secret Service to look out for his girls so they probably wouldn't get away with much.
  • Barack's wife also once told Good Morning America that her husband sometimes gets a little downcasted when he sees Malia get all-dressed-up for a date or a party. "You can see his face sort of just drop a little bit," she said.

Barack and his wife sure are going through an interesting time in their life. Malia is already seriously dating and even 18-year-old Sasha is set to begin college soon. This can be an emotional time for many parents as they watch their children grow up and lead their own lives. But we have a feeling that the former First Couple has raised their daughters well. And clearly, Barack is confident that the young ladies have what it takes to stand tall on their own.

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