After Her Husband Left Her For Another Woman, Camille Grammer Finds Love Again With A New Man And She Couldn't Be Happier

November 15, 2019 14:22

The marriage between Camille Grammer and her first husband, Kelsey, came to an end in a public and heartbreaking way in 2011.

The union fell apart in front of audiences of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after Kelsey decided to leave her for an airline hostess he met during his travels.

Thankfully, Camille remained strong through it all and even survived a subsequent abusive relationship before she met the man she's now married to.

She married attorney David C. Meyer in October 2018 in Miami.

More about David Meyer

According to YourTango, David is a lawyer with Arent Fox Firm in Los Angeles where he's also a partner.

Much of David's private life hasn't been revealed to the public but there are reports that since his wedding to Camille, he has been facing some career-related drama.

The lawyer apparently offended a lot of people because he chose to defend a fraudster named Troy Stratos. A whole website was then set up with the aim of taking David down and many people accused him of being complicit in his client's crimes.

As for how this affects Camille, so far, it seems there's nothing to worry about. And even if there is, Camille is capable of handling whatever comes her way especially considering what she has had to survive in the past.

Since her marriage to Kelsey, the reality star has battled cancer and found her way out of a domestic violence situation with ex Dimitri Charalambopoulos. She has proven herself to be quite a fighter.

Another marital setback

In addition to all the issues with David, career-wise, there was also the additional problem that Camille's children from her previous marriage didn't approve of her wedding to David.

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While sharing with BravoTV, she revealed that her son was very close to his dad and he was reluctant to accept his mother's new marriage.

The reality star said that her daughter was initially hesitant because she was upset that her mom was getting married.

Even at the wedding, she didn't want to smile. She was sad: She even cried toward the end of the reception, she was upset because she didn't want to lose her mom... Because she felt that she lost her dad when her dad got married.

Despite the rough start, Camille's children have now become more accepting of their mother's marriage and they see David as a great addition to the family.

Camille Grammer dealt with her fair share of pain and heartbreak, many of which were aired publicly thanks to her appearance of RHOBH. But she has also shown real strength through it all and is determined to keep moving forward with her new man.

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