Oprah Winfrey Speaks Out Amid Reports That She Advised Harry And Meghan To Quit Being Royals

January 13, 2020 09:24

Was Oprah Winfrey responsible for giving the Sussexes the push to leave royal life behind? Considering how the media mogul is known for encouraging people to do their own thing and live in their truth, it's not far-fetched to think that she might have been all for the Sussexes choosing to ditch being royalty.

Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry: Future plans?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex caused worldwide wave after they announced, last week, that they were taking a step back from being senior members of the royal family. Knowing full well that this might not have come as welcome news for the royal family, it made sense that this would be the time Harry and Meghan would turn to friends for support and encouragement.

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Reports revealed that one of the friends they might have turned to was Oprah Winfrey. This is understandable as, apart from her status as a TV queen, Oprah happens to be good friends with both Harry and Meghan. In fact, she was at their royal wedding in 2018.

According to Page Six, Oprah didn't just show up for the couple after they made their announcement, she could actually have been the force that pushed them to come to this decision. The outlet claimed that Oprah Winfrey was the one who advised Harry and Meghan to work on building their own brand.

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When this could have happened is anyone's guess. However, the publication also reported that Harry collaborated with Oprah on a mental health series for Apple TV + due to be released sometime this year. It was reported that while working on this project, Harry and Oprah had conversations about how tough it was in the royal spotlight.

Oprah defends herself

Oprah Winfrey has since responded to these reports. While she didn't exactly state whether or not she advised the Sussexes on their decision, she basically mentioned that they didn't need her to do what they felt was right for them.

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In a statement to ET Online, the famous TV personality said:

Meghan and Harry do not need my help in figuring out what's best for them.

She did also add that the Duke and Duchess had her complete support, regardless.

I care about them both and support whatever decisions they make for their family.

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It's no surprise that Oprah is solidly team Meghan and Harry. While speaking to CBS in April last year, Oprah said she felt bad about the harsh criticisms and intense scrutiny being faced by the Sussex couple.

While admitting that Meghan was being "treated unfairly," Oprah said:

I feel that if people really knew her, they would know that she is not only everything that we perceive of her as being graceful and dynamic in holding that position, but she just has a wonderful, warm, giving, loving heart.

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Speaking on working with the couple on the mental health series, Oprah said that they hope the result of their collaboration will help reduce stigma and encourage people to speak up.

Mixed reactions

Harry and Meghan's choice to basically take a beat from being frontline royals was not all met with approval.

  • While on The Talk, Sharon Osbourne said that even though she agreed Harry and Meghan should do what was right for them, she felt like the couple should have at least waited until the Queen retired from royal duties.
  • In a Twitter post, Piers Morgan slammed the Sussexes saying that their decision was a "disgraceful" way to treat the Queen.

  • Singer Bette Midler responded to the saga by slamming Piers and others who disagreed with the Sussex's choice. She hailed Harry and Meghan for getting away.
  • Actress Amy Schumer decided to go the comic route by sharing a beach photo of herself and her husband and posting in the caption, "Chris and I are formally stepping down from our royal duties. We appreciate your support."

All over the world, people have either been for or against Harry and Meghan following their announcement. Those who agree with them believe they have the right to make choices that they feel are best for them. And for royal fans who disapprove, they feel that Harry and Meghan went afoul of the Queen and what the royal family stands for.

Knowing they must have anticipated this type of harsh reaction, it's pretty brave of the royal couple to make such a big move and share it so publicly. And we have to agree that they must have done it for the right reasons. Here's hoping their decision brings them the peace they hope.

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