Dr. Phil's Wife, Robin, Sparks Rage And Mistrust On Social Media, Claiming She Has Only One Plastic Surgery

January 14, 2020

Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw, appeared in the center of a massive fire — the 66-year-old was accused of lying regarding her plastic surgeries. See below what actually happened on social media.

Robin McGraw's latest news

Robin McGraw is known not only for being Dr. Phil's wife but also as a businesswoman. She has her own brand, called The Robin McGraw Revelation. It's main focuses are beauty and anti-age skincare.

Over recent times, the American author confessed she had made only one plastic procedure, i.e., eyebrow transplant. And though it was supposed to be secret exposure, people didn't buy it. On the contrary, they are confident Robin has used more than just one surgery to change her appearance.

People's reactions

@Heather Brown:

Yup, totally just the eyebrows! 🙄

@Jennifer Rao:

Something more than just brows happened here. And, they're too heavy, imo.

@Tammy Hinds Sapp:

Looks like the change to softer makeup did more for her than eyebrows. To bring her Facebook into proportion it took a lot more than eyebrows. Her whole face shape is different! Especially with the basics. Her jawline is changed completely different. No longer long face with pointy chin. And her dimples were much deeper back then ...

@Jennifer Vallerie Grothaus:

Some of the Hollywood plastic surgeons should lose their license! Dr Phil and Robin have had eyelift tight they can’t close their eyes! She has had lip fillers that she can’t close her lips. And so much Botox she looks like a puppet when she talks!

Here is how she looked at her young age. Do you see any major differences?

Dr. Simoni noticed a change in Robin McGraw's look in 2017, namely the use of several fillers.

Beauty routine

Appearing on The Doctors in March 2019, Dr. Phil's wife revealed her everyday beauty routine, solely from her own collection. The quick list:

  • Cleanser to clean all traces of dirt.
  • Power peptide eye cream to remove dark circles and add anti-aging formula.
  • Fast-acting serum to make skin tighter and smoother + it's under-eye recovery.

Robin McGraw's luxury skincare products are pretty famous in the US, and it's notably impressive. Do you think she has lied about her plastic surgery procedures? It's a huge difference between old and new Robin, so we are torn between her claim and people's rage.

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