Robert 'Bob' Wahlberg: Things To Know About Mark And Donnie's Wahlberg's Lookalike Brother

February 5, 2020 17:59

The Wahlberg siblings are worldwide known, primarily Mark and Donnie's acting and singing careers. In fact, the family includes nine children, one of which, Deborah, passed away at the age of 43. Oddly enough, she died the same day her youngest brother, Mark Wahlberg, was celebrating the birth of his newborn daughter.

All the brothers gathered up to comfort their mother, including not-so-well-known Robert Wahlberg. See some of the info about him below!

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Robert 'Bob' Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg's lookalike brother, Robert, is not so popular as Mark and Donnie but shares their passion for acting. Apart from his job at a local power company in Boston, he has starred in some movies like The Departed, The Equalizer, Mystic River, Gone Baby Gone, and In Plain View.

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Robert was once asked what he would have done if he hadn't had the current job, and he confidently replied he would have focused on acting and even producing.

The 51-year-old admires all of his siblings for their unique reasons and looks up to each of them at times for advice and support.

Robert Wahlberg's family

However, nothing is more significant for Bob Wahlberg than his own family. Married for 25 years to wife Gina, the couple has produced two kids: son Oscar and daughter Charlie.

In downtime, Mark Walhberg's brother loves spending time with his wife and their children, especially while playing baseball. They all share the same hobby and passion, so it makes them united even more.

Bob's biggest inspiration is Oscar and Charlie. He once noted:

I am consistently inspired by my children, by their courage, confidence, and kindness. Each day they teach me something new.

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Robert Wahlberg's motto is 'to live life honestly and stand behind his word' — especially when it comes to his super happy and adorable family.

Facts about the Wahlbergs

  • Robert's net worth is estimated at approximately $1-$5 million per year.
  • In the 80s-90s, Mark rapped for a living.
  • Many of the brothers had issues with substances at a very young age.
  • The family is famous for the restaurant business, Wahlburgers.

Robert Wahlberg is the reflection of a real family man. Despite his hard work and a great career, his main accomplishment is his wife and their two children. It seems like the family bond runs into the Wahlbergs' blood, as each of the siblings treats their beloved ones with the highest level of appreciation, care, and respect. Isn't it perfect?

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