"Eating Was My Way Of Coping With Life": Marie Osmond Gets Candid On Her Long-Term Weight Loss Journey

December 27, 2019

Before Marie Osmond landed on the list of fitting celebrities, she suffered from weight gain after giving birth to her last son. She also suffered from post-partum depression after welcoming Matthew Blosil. It was a disaster for her because she has tried any method of weight loss throughout her life.

In interviews with Oprah and PageSix, the trailblazing star confessed she had tried diet pills and starvation to bulimia. She started dieting at the age of 10 due to the entertainment industry and as self-defense from abuse.

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Marie Osmond’s weight loss

In a recent interview with Fox News, Marie Osmond opened up about her long-term weight struggles, wake-up call, and 50 pounds weight loss. The Talk co-host admitted she wouldn’t have got her fame and recognition if she hadn’t lost weight after facing some critics and life hardships.

I was taking care of my mother, and I had put the weight on. You eat when you’re tired. You eat inconsistently. And then you try to diet. But you’re also trying to raise a family here. I was the provider for my family, so I had to work. Eating was my way of coping with life.

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The mother-of-eight added one of her sons once came to her and asked her to lose weight gently because he and other family members didn’t want to lose her due to overweight issues. It took the A-lister four months to lose 50 pounds thanks to the NutriSystem program.

The Donny & Marie star also recalled a heartbreaking moment during her weight loss journey that left “traumas and scars.”

One day, I was taken out into a parking lot, and one of the studio people told me that if I didn’t drop 10 pounds, they were going to cancel the show. They said I was an embarrassment to my family, and I needed to keep the food out of my fat face.

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Extra facts about weight loss journey

Talking to HealthLine, Marie Osmond reflected on some points regarding dieting:

  • Weight loss opened new opportunities for her in the music industry and personal lifestyle.
  • She gained self-acceptance of her physical appearance and a positive impact on mental state.
  • Spandex was one of the things to have inspired her to lose weight, as she didn’t want to look ridiculous on Dancing With the Stars.

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Marie Osmond’s weight loss path was very long and complicated. What matters now is that she accepts and loves herself the way she is in her 60s. Indeed, the American celebrity looks youthful and attractive, and she must be proud of her persistence to lose weight like that.

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