"They Said It Wouldn't Last": Joan Collins' 5th Husband Is 32 Years Younger, But They Have "Fun-Filled Years" Together

November 13, 2019 13:02

Joan Collins is a world-renowned star, who is known for her role in the US soap Dynasty and for being Hollywood royalty. She is the older sister of the late best-selling novelist Jackie Collins, who died back in 2015.

The American actress has been married five times: to Northern Irish actor Maxwell Reed, actor and singer-songwriter Anthony Newley, American businessman and manager Ron Kass, Swedish singer Peter Holm, and American producer Percy Gibson.

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Joan Collins' spouse

Did you know that Joan Collins' fifth husband, Percy Gibson, is 32 younger than she is? When she was questioned about the age gap between the partners, she simply replied, "If he dies, he dies."

Dame Joan Collins married her spouse in 2002 despite vowing "never again" to marriage after her acrimonious split from fourth husband Peter Holm. However, since that time, Joan and Percy have been inseparable.

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Joan Collins and Percy Gibson celebrated the 17th anniversary in February 2019 by throwing a lavish party at Claridge's. At one moment, the lovebirds blew candles after they were gifted with a yummy two-tiered cake, in which Joan joked:

And they said it wouldn't last.

Apart from the celebration, the Dynasty star posted a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, sharing a throwback photo from their wedding day:

Celebrating 17 wonderful fun-filled happy years today! #happyanniversary and #congratulations to my #hubby!

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According to the 86-year-old actress, the partners spend 24/7 together and don't feel bored with each other. Joan also shared their key to successful happiness:

I think the secret to a happy marriage is to really support each other. Understand that there will be highs and lows. You won't always agree about everything, but you need to enjoy each other's company. Percy is such an amazing man; he is so kind and so caring.

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Joan Collins' husband is much younger than her, but the trailblazing actress loves it. Talking to Closer Weekly, she stated:

Marrying a younger man has the advantage of being with someone who has vigor, vitality, stamina, and health, which certainly encourages me even further to keep in shape, both physically and mentally.

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Love knows no age, limits, or biases. Dame Joan Collins and Percy Gibson are undoubtedly a great example of how to love with a vast age gap.

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