'Hercules' Kevin Sorbo Found His Perfect Woman On The Set Of The Movie And Has Been With Her For 22 Years

January 28, 2020 17:06

Kevin Sorbo became a trailblazing star in the 1990s. In fact, K-Sorbs spent three years tripping all over the globe while modeling for print ads and posing for over 150 commercials before having a breakthrough in a 1995’s movie, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Kevin Sorbo’s dearest wife has been beside him through all lows and highs. Find out more about their love story, marriage, and family life.

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Kevin Sorbo and wife

Both Kevin and his wife, Sam, were instantly attracted to each other at the very first encounter. The Hollywood star and his sweetheart fell in love on the set of Hercules’ episode, Prince Hercules.

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Kevin Sorbo and Sam Jenkins began dating and soon got engaged. The short-term engagement turned into a well-deserved and romantic wedding ceremony a year later. In CBN’s interview, the Hercules star elatedly claimed:

I started thinking about like picket fences and kids, and I was like seriously! I can’t believe I’m telling you this. But yeah. I thought, ‘I’ve known her one day!

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Thankfully, the couple shares the same spiritual values, which helped them to “set their priorities” when they got married. Speaking to Dr. Baehr, Kevin Sorbo admitted he had grown up Christian, but Sam had been raised as Jewish by atheist parents.

Years before the two met in 1997, Sam Jenkins found Christ “in my mid-twenties” and then found a church. Some other things that have helped them build a marriage are:

  • never staying more than two weeks apart;
  • supporting each other’s career paths;
  • finding comprises and sacrifices, even if it means to give up some projects or career things.

Sam said:

As Christians, we find sacrifices as the greatest gifts.

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Current life

We don’t see much of Kevin Sorbo and Sam Sorbo on movies, but their lives are pretty busy these days, both individually and jointly. The couple attends some movie premiers and speaking engagements, and they once made a faith-based drama movie together.

However, the more open they are in their viewpoints, the more they feel distant from Hollywood life. Kevin and Sam also claim they’ve never cared for the star-studded parties with the predictable cliques, and prefer to spend time with children, Braedon, Shane, and Octavia instead.

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Kevin and Sam Sorbo have been married since 1998 and have never wanted to leave each other. The most significant for them is to build a stable relationship, a faith-based bond, and a healthy marriage between the family members. Their 22-year romance equals 3,000 years in Hollywood due to their successful years as a couple. Therefore, we find the Sorbos an excellent example for all of us!

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