Terri Irwin's Love Life: Everything We Know About Her Dating After Steve Irwin's Tragic Death 14 Years Ago

January 14, 2020 15:49

Finding a new lover after losing the significant one is exceptionally complicated, as not everybody is willing to love and open one's heart again. Terri Irwin surely knows this feeling when she lost her dearest husband, Steve Irwin, more than a decade ago.

The Australian conservationists were together from 1992 till 2006, and Terri's universe changed after Steve's tragic passing to the core. According to her interview in 2018, pain and grief are still parts of her everyday life. Has she dated everyone after the tragedy?

Does Terri Irwin have a boyfriend?

Back in 2018, the 55-year-old made it clear: she's happy on her own and isn't thinking of any other man, except for her late husband. Notwithstanding, through the years, various reports have said Terri Irwin has dated several men.

In particular, Steve's widow was rumored to date the family's best friend, TV producer John Stainton. Both readily denied shameful gossips.

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Later, Terri Irwin was allegedly dating Russell Crowe, but she admitted it was never true. The rumors were nothing but absurd. In an exclusive interview with Access in 2017, the naturalist clearly stated that the actor was only her 'dear friend' and nothing extra.

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Will Terri Irwin ever be remarried?

New Idea has recently suggested that Steve Irwin's widow is ready to move on, as she has been spotted in a company of some male friends. A friend told the magazine that Terri had realized a sad fact of being alone, while her daughter, Bindi, is preparing for the wedding.

The source added that both Bindi and Robert were thrilled for their mother to have a romance again.

Bindi and Robert have both encouraged her to open herself up to finding her own happy ending, which has made her feel more at ease with the thought of marrying again, knowing how much her two children want to see her find love again too.

But people don't believe this news, as Terri has always loved Steve and cannot imagine herself in the arms of another man.

@Marjorie Wilson:

Don’t leave it to long Terri life is short as you know 💋

@Bill Jen Wyatte:

I think she needs to have a boyfriend before anything else can happen....

@Sandra Williams:

Just because he died doesn't make her his former wife

@Megan Jones N:

I just go and get new reporter's that can tell the truth she is Steve's widow as they were still happily married till the day he died 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

3 interesting facts about Steve and Irwin's relationship

  1. She said she would have never married a man if it hadn't been Steve.
  2. The two tied the knot only eight months later since it was love and chemistry at first sight.
  3. He popped up a question at the zoo while both were clumsy, dirty, and sweaty.

Steve and Terry Irwin were one of the most beautiful and happiest couples in the world. They cherished, cared, and appreciated each other, and these manners and attitudes are visible in their two kids. However, it's never late to date someone, so maybe, the mother-of-two decides to cozy up with somebody again.

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