Alex Trebek's Health Update: The 'Jeopardy!' Host Says "Tough" Pancreatic Cancer Battle "Humbled" Him

February 11, 2020 17:50

Alex Trebek has been fighting pancreatic cancer for almost a year. The Jeopardy! host announced his diagnosis and its stage IV in March of 2019.

In December, he revealed to ABC that his battle had not been easy whatsoever, but his fans' support had been beneficial. In addition to his family's care and doctor's treatment, Alex Trebek is a fighter, as he enjoys everyday life without being afraid of death.

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Alex Trebek's cancer update

It has been challenging times for the 79-year-old legend. After undergoing two rounds of chemos and suffering from depressive modes and pain, Trebek still combats his symptoms as much as possible.

On February 10, Alex Trebek sat with Channel 11's Jennifer Tomazic to discuss his ongoing battle with stage IV pancreatic cancer. He admitted that the disease had "humbled," even though it has been "a tough one." Still, thanks to high-quality therapies and the enhancement of the statistics, cancer treatment has been more beneficial for many patients all across the globe. Ultimately, people's support has been amazing to him during his battle.

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On the same breath, Alex Trebek is a cancer advocate, trying to raise awareness about the disease's statistics and research. A while ago, he released PSA for pancreatic cancer awareness. Let's watch the 60-second video, shall we?

The Jeopardy! legend is going to become a survivor and continues working until his skills diminish due to cancer and age at the same time. Let's him best of luck!

Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

According to the American Cancer Society and Web MD, these signs should never be ignored:

  • Constant belly or back pain;
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss;
  • Nausea and even vomitting;
  • Bloating;
  • Jaundice (yellowing of eyes);
  • Gallbladder or liver enlargement;
  • Elevated blood sugars.

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We hope the best for those who suffer from any type of cancer, including Alex Trebek. He has been battling the health scare for 11 months, and the prognosis is unknown, as his diagnosis has already reached the last stage. Anywise, let's keep him and everybody we know in our thoughts and sincere prayers.

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