"I Fell In Love With Her Very Quickly": Tina Fey And Jeff Richmond's Lives Became Full Of Sense 18 Years Ago

December 23, 2019 15:55

Tina Fey met her future husband, Jeff Richmond, after moving to Chicago for new career opportunities and new life experiences. They seemingly hit it off from the first encounter, and in 1994, the couple began dating, following by a romantic wedding in 2001.

The producer once said that her time in Chicago had changed her life to the core — both in the professional and personal aspects. Tina Fey and her husband, Jeff Richmond, are parents to their two daughters, Alice and Penelope Athena. The two are still together, going strong every day.

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Love at first sight?

At the time of Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond’s encounter, he was working at a children’s theater company and asked the famous SNL star for help. However, she is pretty confident that her husband did not need any assistance, and instead, he just wanted to hit on her.

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According to People, Fey knew Richmond just wanted to know her, because he had felt instant chemistry and attraction to this beauty.

I fell in love with her very quickly. She has this caustic, biting wit that pops out occasionally, but she really does have a little-girl-from-the-suburbs kind of ambiance. She’s a shy person.

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Jeff and Tina became a married couple in 2001, but his proposal was kind of romantic and fairytale-like. People reported that then-pianist proposed to his significant one on vacation on Lake Michigan.Richmond is believed to put some champagne on ice and got down on one knee. Tina Fey said:

My husband always said, ‘If I’d known so many people would ask me how I proposed, I would have done it in some more theatrical way.’

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Together, Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond have passed through a road of hardships and challenges, but they finally achieved everything they have ever dreamt of. It is evident how much the music director loves his wife. According to the New York Post, Fey’s husband stated:

...Tina always made me laugh. She used to eat a lot of chocolate cake in those days, and she’d black up one of her teeth during a conversation. It may be losing something in translation here, but it was very funny and very, very adorable.

More interestingly, the American playwright goes on dates with her husband monthly. During an interview with the Parade in 2010, Tina Fey confessed she went on date nights with Jeff once a month.

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Needless to say, Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond seem very strong, close, and deeply in love with each other. Sure thing, it’s hard to say what really goes on in the walls of their home, but what we hear from their words shows love, care, and respect solely.

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