Chevy Chase And Jayni Luke Have Been Married For 37 Years And Counting, But Things Didn't Start Out So Smoothly

December 18, 2019 09:44

Chevy Chase's spouse is currently Jayni Luke but his road to happy-ever-after wasn't exactly smooth. Before meeting Jayni, he gave marriage a shot a couple of times but things didn't work out.

The actor's first foray into marital life was with Suzanne. The couple was married from 1973 to 1976. Shortly after that marriage ended, he tied the knot with Jacqueline Carlin that same year. But they ended up getting divorced in 1980.

Speaking to People in 1983, Chevy revealed that these divorces were rough on him, saying, "a separation is so painful." He further added that he didn't have the "carefree bachelor life" some might imagine as he spent most of the time moping.

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Chevy Chase and wife Jayni talked about how they fell in love

During an interview with PBS, the comedian opened up about when he fell for Jayni and how things went down in the beginning.

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He revealed that they were both working on a movie set and Jayni was one of the production coordinators. When he first tried to make a move, she was far from interested.

I was walking behind her one day and I said, 'is that your real color hair?' and she couldn't care less about me.

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Despite her less-than-lukewarm reaction, Chevy was still convinced he would marry Jayni. He was so sure of this fact that he stated it to his brother.

As Jayni shared her side of the story, she said that the last thing she wanted initially was to get romantically involved with a celebrity.

He did have to pursue me because I really wasn't wanting to be in a relationship.

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Pursue her he did. And when he finally got her to fall in love with him, she wasn't exactly thrilled. She confessed that she went to her apartment and threw stuff around in frustration as she realized her life was about to change.

Chevy said:

She was angry that she fell in love.

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Still happily married

While love has been known to fade in many long-term relationships, Chevy once confessed that he was still as in love with his wife as ever despite being married for over three decades.

The actor told Esquire in 2010:

I am still in love with my wife the way I was when I fell in love with her 30 years ago. That's luck.

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Chevy Chase and Jayni tied the knot in 1982 and by all indications, they have been happy together ever since. Sure, the beginning of their love story was a little challenging because Jayni was wary of being with him, but falling for him turned out to be a good decision based on how long they have been together.

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