David Benioff's Award Show Shoutout To Wife Amanda Peet Is Prove Of His Undying Love And Complete Respect

November 14, 2019 16:17

Amanda Peet's husband David Benioff has shown, time and time again, that he's a devoted husband and father.

In 2006, fans of Amanda Peet congratulated the famous actress when she got married to screenwriter David Benioff. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in New York City.

According to People, the event was held at Amanda's alma mater, Friends Seminary. The lowkey event was reportedly attended by such stars as Mark Ruffalo, actress Elizabeth Berkley and many more.

Ruffalo described the wedding to People as "beautiful" while Berkley said it was "amazing" and "extraordinary."

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A heartwarming shout out

David and Amanda's marriage seem to be going strong 13 years in. The couple has welcomed three beautiful children and appears to be enjoying a dream marriage.

One interesting thing about them is the way David appreciates his wife while receiving awards. It's not uncommon for celebs to give spouses a shoutout when making an acceptance speech but David goes one step further by referring to his wife by her full name, Amanda Peet when he does this.

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Yes, that's her real name, but it is a little strange that he uses it rather than just refer to her as Amanda, or perhaps a pet name.

Why David chooses to do this is anyone's guess. But the most likely reason is that he wants to remind the world that his wife is still her own individual and a successful one at that. So, even is she may be Amanda to him, it is a sign of sweet respect to keep things professional when he's talking about her to the world.

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In other words, she's not just David's wife, but an icon in her own right and deserves for people to celebrate that.

Love before first sight

In an interview with ContactMusic Amanda said she suspected she would marry David even before they met.

Before she actually met David, her manager told her that he met someone who would be perfect for her but at the time, they were both involved with someone else. Then, a year later, her manager asked again if she was interested in going out with David.

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Amanda said she couldn't figure out exactly what drew her to her future husband even before they got to know each other.

Maybe it's because he's a nice Jewish boy from New York.

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The actress' instincts were certainly head-on as it was only months after the couple met that they got married and have been together ever since. And David's unique shoutouts give glimpses of the fact that he's a devoted and loving husband and father.

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