Danny Trejo's 31-Year-Old Son Is A Carbon Copy Of His Famous Father, And Not Just In Looks Alone

December 25, 2019

Growing up, actor Danny Trejo didn't exactly have a cushy life. From the age of 12, he was introduced to harmful substances that were responsible for his later addiction problems and he eventually ended up in jail. But somehow, he managed to go from that to being a successful actor and a loving father which, frankly, was a major miracle.

Danny Trejo's marriage and children

Danny never had the best role model when he was a child, but he made sure to be a fantastic one for his son, Gilbert. The actor is also a dad to a daughter, Danielle. He welcomed both children during his marriage to Debbie.

The actor's marriage didn't stand the test of time, though. According to reports, the couple went their separate ways in 2009 after a 12-year union. Interestingly enough, the exes didn't officially get divorced until 2017.

The Blast obtained court documents that showed that Danny and Debbie had a prenup and after the divorce, she got to keep some properties while he was able to hold on to everything connected to his taco chain business, Trejo's Tacos.

Danny Trejo's son

Gilbert Trejo, born in 1988, has grown up to be a handsome and hardworking young man, two traits he inherited from his famous father. Like his 75-year-old dad, Danny is also an actor but in addition to that, he's a director as well.

Based on his bio, some of Gilbert's acting credits include Drifter, Machete, Mikey, and High Hopes.

During a 2018 interview with The Guardian, Danny opened up about his difficult past and how he didn't even think he would live this long. As a young boy, his role model was his addict uncle, Gilbert, who was also a criminal. Following in his uncle's footsteps landed Danny in jail but in 1968, he turned his life around. He got clean and was discovered as an actor.

Even though Danny made the mistake of being inspired by the wrong person, his son had a better role model in the veteran actor. Gilbert, who incidentally was named after his dad's now-late uncle, once talked about how big of an influence his father was in his life.

Speaking to Hero-Magazine about what he has learned from Danny, Gilbert said:

First off; hanging out with my dad is like a master class in how to compose yourself on set. I’ve never seen anyone work with him that didn’t have a new standard. He totally raises the bar, and forces you to rise to the occasion.

Gilbert also recalled how, as a child, he would often spend a lot of time on movie sets and he learned all he could about the industry from a young age.

Pictures of Gilbert, who's now in his 30s, show that he's a hard worker just like his father. And fascinatingly, the two also share similar physical features.

Gilbert's musical interests

Speaking to TheIndieSpiritualist, Danny Trejo revealed that Gilbert used to have a musical band called The Dead Reagan Tour. In fact, this special skill is one of the reasons Danny is proud of his son.

The Desperado actor said he loved watching Gilbert on stage at the time and he expressed how much he admired both his kids.

Tips for being a good role model

When kids look up to you, it's crucial that you set the right example. Here are some ways to do so:

  • Make health a priority: Kids will learn to take care of themselves based on what you do, so practice what you want them to emulate.
  • Have conversations: Communication is almost as important as actions. So explain your values, goals and so on.
  • Improve yourself: Yes you want to make a child's life better, but they need to see you do the same for yourself as well.
  • Open up: Share your past and some life lessons you hope they can learn from.
  • Be positive: A positive atmosphere help children learn more easily. Create one by having fun moments and making happy memories.

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Danny Trejo was able to build himself up from a tough background to a thriving Hollywood career. We can see why this is one of the things his children respect most about him. His fans also applaud his devotion to his acting and fatherhood too.

It's obvious that having a strong and determined father like Danny was a motivation for Gilbert to work hard. He showcased his skills in acting, directing and even singing, making him a really versatile artist. Kudos to him.

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