Legendary Actor Yul Brynner Had 4 Wives But He Never Stopped Being A Devoted Father

December 19, 2019

Yul Brynner's spouses were only a part of his life. The Russian-born American actor made big waves in the movie world. He was talented and hardworking, leading him to capture the hearts of millions of fans.

Most famously known for his role as the king in The King and I, Yul was a versatile actor who played a bunch of different characters including a futuristic robot villain in Westworld.

According to ChicagoTribune, he also explored the world of Broadway and earned several awards, Tony and Oscar included, for his impressive work.

His thriving career came to an end in 1985 when he passed away due to multiple complications from cancer.

Yul Brynner's marriages

Based on his biography, the actor was married four times. His first marriage was to actress Virginia Gilmore. This lasted from 1944 to 1960 and she had one child, Rock Yul Brynner, for him. In 1959, he fathered another child, a daughter named Lark Brynner, with Frankie Tilden.

Yul then married model Doris Kleiner in 1960 and two years later, they welcomed a daughter, Victoria. The couple got divorced in 1967.

Between 1971 to 1981, the actor was married to French socialite, Jacqueline Thion de la Chaume. During this marriage, the couple adopted two Vietnamese children named Mia and Melody.

At the age of 62, he married his fourth wife, Kathy Lee, who was a 24-year-old ballerina at the time.

Yul Brynner and Kathy lee remained married for the last two years of his life.


Even though there were complicated times in his love life, Yul was actually a devoted father to his kids.

In the book Yul Brynner: A Biography written by Michelangelo Capua, it was revealed that the actor's daughter, Victoria, remembered him quite fondly as she recalled the "great affection" he showed her as a child.

In 1975, Capua wrote that Yul said he believed becoming a father in his middle age was "far more gratifying" than when he was younger.

Yul Brynner had a strong and fantastic acting career. He received praise and won awards. His marital life wasn't always so smooth, though. But all in all, he should be applauded for not giving up. It couldn't have been easy to keep giving marriage a shot but he kept trying until the end.

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