"And They Said It Would't Last:" Brian May Confesses He Fell In Love With Anita Dobson While He Was Still Married To His Ex

November 15, 2019 16:06

Brian May and his wife Anita Dobson appear to be just the perfect couple. Even though they have only been married for 19 years, their love has sparked for much longer than that.

The lead guitarist of the rock band Queen has been married once previously before Anita. He tied the knot with Christine Mullen in 1974 but the marriage fell apart in 1988.

Brian once revealed that he met the EastEnders star for the first time at a movie premiere in Beverly Hills. He invited her to come to one of Queen's concerts and apparently, things heated up from there.

They got married in 2000 and today, they are still going strong.

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Brian May and Anita Dobson opened up about their marriage

During a joint appearance on Loose Women in 2015, the couple opened up about their marriage and how things have been working out.

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Brian revealed that he and Anita have been together since 1986, which was two years before he was officially divorced from his first wife. He added that they split and made up a few times during their relationship before eventually making things official.

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Anita confirmed that she did indeed start a relationship with Brian while he was married as she confessed she was the "scarlet woman" but it wasn't something she was proud of.

Brian also revealed that many people didn't believe in their marriage including bandmate Freddie Mercury as Anita declared, "and they said it wouldn't last."

Clearly, they proved everyone wrong.

The secret to their happy union

While speaking about her marriage in a 2016 interview with the UK Mirror, Anita shared how they have been able to make it work.

There’s no secret it’s hard work. Even though Brian’s the love of my life and he’s absolutely adorable it’s not easy and we have to work at it.

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She revealed that staying married is simply all about being determined to be together, despite their ups and downs.

Brian May and Anita Dobson may have had a rocky relationship, especially in their early years, but it's pretty clear that they are meant for each other. Their love for one another is obvious in the way they talk and act when they are together.

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