"He Was An Amazing Man:" Dyan Cannon Pays Moving Tribute To Ex-Husband Cary Grant And Admits She Has Learned To Forgive Him

November 18, 2019 16:49

There are a few things said by Dyan Cannon on Cary Grant. These two got married in 1965 at which point Cary was 61 and Dyan was 28.

The age didn't matter to Dyan as she was head-over-heels for the Hollywood hunk. However, their marriage soon fell apart.

Dyan opened up about the things that killed their union in the book Dear Cary: My Life with Cary Grant. Here, she described their marriage as an abusive one and revealed that she suffered a mental breakdown after their divorce in 1968.

It's been many years since then and based on her revelations in the book, some may wonder if she still held grudges against her now-late ex-husband.

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Dyan Cannon on Cary Grant many years later

In a recent interview with Closer Weekly, the 82-year-old opened up her feelings about her marriage to Cary after experiencing so many ups and downs.

She revealed that her marriage to Cary was unique due to his fame and at the time, they couldn't go out publicly without "causing a stir."

It just made everything bigger.

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Dyan reflected on the things she wrote about Cary in her memoir. She said that despite their turbulent marriage, the actor wasn't all bad and that his tough past could have had something to do with his behavior.

I never set out to take out the stars in people’s eyes about him. He was an amazing man, in so many ways. He had a rough life as a kid and … all I can say about him today is how much I appreciate him.

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She also explained that she no longer carries a grudge about the past and has learned to forgive her ex-husband.

I’ve learned to love more now, to live without blame and with forgiveness, and I would’ve treated it differently because of what I’ve learned.

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Dyan Cannon's memoir and words about Cary Grant

In her book, which was published in 2011, Dyan recounted how her marriage to Cary took an unexpected dive after the birth of their daughter, Jennifer.

In an excerpt obtained by the LA Times, she wrote that when she brought their daughter home in 1966, she was surprised to find that her beloved dog, Bangs, had disappeared.

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Dyan recalled how Cary informed her that he had given the Yorkie away because "infants and dogs aren't a good mix."

This was one of the many instances that the actress shared in her book. But they are water under the bridge now as Dyan is all about moving forward and not holding grudges for the past. She may have had an unforgettable marriage with Cary, but today, she's choosing to only remember the good things.

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