Priscilla's Presley Once Warned Meghan Markle About The Downside Of Marrying Prince Harry

December 19, 2019

Priscilla Presley's interviews have given fans a deeper insight into her life. As the wife of the now-late rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley, Priscilla has been hounded by the paparazzi for years. Even though it's been over four decades since Elvis passed away, this woman still gets a lot of attention.

During a sit-down with AU News, she revealed that despite being famous for decades, she was still not exactly used to her celeb status. She revealed that she was "not comfortable" with being "in the limelight" and the paparazzi still hid in trees and bushes around her home just to get pictures.

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"You’d always be on guard," she said, adding that while many people might be okay with this type of attention, she just wasn't.

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Priscilla Presley's advice to Meghan Markle

Priscilla's life changed around the time she became linked to the famous Elvis and the same could be said for Meghan. Sure, the American actress had some fame on the TV Show Suits, her celebrity status did shoot up a thousand-fold when it was revealed that she would be getting married to Prince Harry.

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As a result of this similarity in the ladies' life, Priscilla was in the best position to give Meghan important advice. Ahead of the royal wedding in 2018, she warned Meghan that the step she was taking would be a major adjustment and there were some drawbacks to consider.

It would be ridiculous to go from normal life to fame. Fame can be very invasive. Fame can be cruel. You're in a roller-coaster ride trying to adjust to it.

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She further noted:

There is no doubt your life will never be the same.

The warning came true

Some might have assumed that Priscilla was overreacting when she gave the Duchess this advice, but it turned out to be right. Meghan herself admitted that her fame and constant media scrutiny since marrying Harry was really having an effect on her life.

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In a documentary, the Duchess admitted that she was not okay with all the attention.

Any woman, especially when they're pregnant, they are vulnerable. So, that made things very challenging, when you have a newborn. Not that many people have asked if I'm OK.

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Many people dream of being famous but this can turn out to be a nightmare for some. Priscilla Presley's news never stops making headlines even though she would prefer a private life. And Meghan Markle has admitted to struggling with the weight of so much attention.

It can be very tough but it's during times like this that famous people need their fans' support the most. And despite the challenges, it's safe to say these women do have a strong support system to rely on.

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