Whoopi Goldberg And Meghan McCain Address Their Heated Argument On 'The View'

December 18, 2019 16:31

Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain are two very opinionated ladies. And the fact that they are both co-hosts on The View means that they sometimes butt heads.

A recent episode of the show had social media buzzing as the ladies faced off while discussing the topic of impeachment. At some point, they all seemed to be talking over each other and Whoopi scolded Meghan for interrupting the other hosts saying, "girl, please stop talking." Meghan felt affronted and the tension wasn't lost on the audience.

Moments like this have caused viewers to wonder if Whoopi and Meghan simply don't get along. Meghan once told Entertainment Tonight that the arguments often happen because the hosts of the show are usually so "emotionally invested" in the topics being discussed.

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The ladies address the drama

Both Whoopi and Meghan recently addressed this heated debate they had in a subsequent episode of the show.

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Whoopi Goldberg began by explaining that she and the rest of the hosts have always been "really passionate" about their jobs and many of the issues they discuss are some that other families may have addressed on their dining room table as well.

She added that just because they have arguments doesn't mean they cannot work together. She admitted that sometimes things may go "off the rails" but the ladies on The View respect and love each other. And she concluded that she can almost guarantee such a heated situation will happen again.

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Meghan McCain agreed with Whoopi's point, saying:

We fight like we're family — it's all good.

A tight connection

It's safe to say that Whoopi and Meghan's arguments on the talk show will not mark the end of their friendship. In fact, the two ladies have more in common than their jobs.

During an episode of the show, Whoopi revealed that she was friends with Meghan's late father, Senator John McCain.

...John and I, as crazy as this sounds, we were friends. We had been friends since Meghan was little.

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Anyone can relate to the fact that sometimes people argue but it doesn't mean they don't love each other. Many couples, siblings, best friends, family members and so on may have tense discussions from time to time which can get heated. But it doesn't necessarily imply a dislike for each other. So, Whoopi and Meghan sure deserve the benefit of the doubt at times like this.