Riddle That Broke Internet! Can You Solve The Nearly Impossible Fruit Algebra Brainteaser?

December 19, 2019 10:23

In 2016, a fruit algebra brainteaser went viral on the internet and divided many users, who were all stumped by the task.

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As many attempted to solve the puzzle, they realized that the riddle is not as simple as it may seem at first and actually hides a few twists and turns within.

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The head-scratching riddle

Let's see if you can handle the nearly impossible riddle. Check out the image below and give your best attempt at solving it. Be careful though! Pay close attention to the fruits, make sure you don't miss a single thing.

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If you're feeling frustrated, you can move on to see how other people approached the riddle.

How did people attempt to solve it?

The answer seemed quite easy to many people at first. Each apple is 10, the bananas are 4, and the coconuts are 2.

So, coconut (2)+ apple (10) + banana (4) = 16, right?

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Not so fast. If you look at bananas in the second and third row, you'll notice that there are four of them in clusters, while the last row only has three bananas, and the same goes for coconuts, we only get a half of the fruit in the last row, so what does that mean?

Many believe that the answer is actually 14.

Is that what you got?

The popular riddle-solving channel on YouTube approached the riddle head-on and did an extensive breakdown of how to figure out this brain-melting riddle. They also got 14, so the official answer to this problem is 14.

People have mixed emotions towards the puzzle

Many people went completely bananas (get it?) about the riddle.

@Chandler Gloyd:

this is why I deleted my Facebook account


A simple math problem mutated into an optical illusion. Not fair.

@The Revolutionary_Tribe of Judah:

this basically comes down to paying attention, I thought they were the same amount at first. Who thinks to count the bananas

How did you do with this tricky riddle? Did you notice the bananas and coconuts at first or did you need help? Tell us how you handled the fruit algebra puzzle and share it with your friends, see how they'll do!