"I'm Still Surprised By Her": John Michael Higgins Is Obsessed With His Wife Of 16 Years And Dishes His Secret To Blissful Marriage

November 5, 2019 14:14

John Michael Higgins' face always seem familiar to many people as the actor has been in so many movies and shows over the years it's difficult to keep count.

Higgins is best known for hosting America Says and starring in such recent shows as Happily Divorced and Great News. The 56-year-old actor can also boast a happy marriage with his wife of 16 years Margaret Welsh.

John Michael Higgins spills a secret to perfect marriage

In an interview with Closer Weekly, John Michael Higgins was asked about what is the best part of being married to Margaret. The actor delivered a wonderful answer that shows exactly what kind of marriage he has:

Communication and respect are right at the top, but we’re also big conversationalists. We often will talk on subjects never having to do with showbiz. I’ve heard everything she has to say and I’m still surprised by her. I’m sure she’s bored to tears with me, but that has been a great solace in my marriage. I love...just talking for a long time. That’s my favorite thing.

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We can't help but agree, communication is incredibly important and it's crucial for spouses to enjoy discussing various subjects with each other.

Who is Margaret Welsh?

It's not surprising that John and Margaret are a perfect fit as they share a profession. Welsh is also an actress and has starred in over 35 TV series and movies.

Margaret's most recognizable roles were in such famous shows as Grey's Anatomy, Modern Family, and soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

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