'Dallas' Star Steve Kanaly Is Winning At Marriage With His Beloved Wife Of Almost 45 Years Brent Powers

November 12, 2019 11:30

Actor Steve Kanaly is best known for his legendary portrayal of Ray Krebbs in CBS hit TV series Dallas. He also briefly starred in All My Children in the mid-90s, but what do we know about Kanaly's personal life?

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Who is Steve Kanaly's wife?

Steve Kanaly and his wife Brent Power have been married since 1975. The couple is approaching 45 years together at this point, but the beginning of their relationship was a bit rocky.

At the time, Steve was starting his career as an actor, but was still waiting for his big break. Brent, who was also a creative type, knew how difficult it was to make money that way, and wasn't sure about her and Kanaly's future together. As Steve told PEOPLE:

Brent didn’t like my detour into acting. She was still hung up on being with a struggling artist, which appealed to her reverse snobbery about all her daddy’s money.

Luckily, Brent gave in to love and agreed to marry Steve. And, just 3 years after the wedding, Kanaly scored his career-defining role on Dallas. The couple also had 2 children together.

How are Steve and Brent doing these days?

Steve Kanaly and Brent Powers are as happy as can be being grandparents to their four wonderful grandkids and generally enjoying life. Kanaly shared with Dallas Decoder:

I’m happily married to my original wife...We’re best buds. We’re very invested in being grandparents. We have four grandkids now and they’re all up in San Francisco, so we try to go up there once a month for at least a week or so.

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Sounds like Steve and Brent have everything figured out in life.

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